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    For course fees, see below this registration form.

    Your supervisor will be notified that you have signed in for this course.
    Your supervisor will be notified that you have signed in for this course.


    Members of ASCI can follow our courses for free. We have partnerships with other research schools in the Netherlands, and therefore PhD students from our partner organisations can participate in the regular (on campus) ASCI courses free too. If a course is organized off campus, PhD students from our partner organisations pay a fee to cover these hotel costs.

    ASCI members


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    Partner organizations


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    PhD students


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    non-PhD students


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    In order to accommodate high quality education, ASCI Office, teachers, speakers and TA’s always put a lot of effort and time in preparing and organizing courses.  

    We understand that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, plans can change. But nevertheless we would like to ask you to consider your participation carefully, and value each other’s time as best as you can.

    If you are not sure whether you can make it to a course that you are registered for, please inform us on your earliest convenience. Not only can we anticipate on a lower turnout (and if needed, alter the reservation agreement in case of an off campus location), we also gladly think along with you for alternatives.



    You may follow one external course or summer/winterschool that is not part of the ASCI course offerings. Keep in mind that an external course or summer/winterschool must be approved by the ASCI Education Committee. Send an e-mail to the ASCI Office with your request with the relevant URL to the course or summer/winterschool. The ASCI Education Committee will then decide if it can be part of your ASCI Education Plan and for what number of ECTS.

    The ASCI research school has partnerships with other research schools in the Netherlands. We can recommend courses from our partners, and because of this collaboration, following these courses is mostly free of charge or at cost price.

    Our partners:

    • the Research School Delft Center for Systems and Control DISC
    • the Graduate Programme Medical Imaging ImagO
    • the Institute for Programming research and Algorithmics IPA
    • de Onderzoeksschool Logika (Dutch Graduate School in Logic) OzsL
    • the Netherlands Research School for Information and Knowledge Systems SIKS


    Other education organisations

    You may also attend other external summer/winter schools or courses that are not offered by our partner organisations, as long as the ASCI Education Committee approves your choice. Keep in mind that it may involve additional costs. Here are some examples:

    If you have other external courses in mind, please let us know by email.