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The ASCI office is located at the Delft University of Technology campus.  It is easily accessible by bicycle, public transport and car. The numbers of buildings can help you find your way around the campus. Make sure you remember the name and building number of your destination.

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ASCI A31 Design and Implementation of Real-Time Systems course

A31 - Design and Implementation of Real-Time Systems

Date  Monday June 10 – Friday June 14, 2024
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Course content
The course is designed specifically to provide the theoretical backbone and the
practical implementation with hand-on labs. Besides fundamental knowledge and practice
environments, domain experts will be invited with specific advanced topics to share their latest
research results.
Education method will follow soon
Daily Schedule [deviations may apply]
The course will be concluded by a written report to be handed in after the course.

Responsible Lecturer Kuan-Hsun UT
dr. Mitra Nasri, TU/e

Education Period: Monday June 10 - Friday June 14, 2024

Expected in 2024

Time schedule: will be released shortly


Carlton President Utrecht / Maarssen
Floraweg 25
The Netherlands